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AP Lit and Drama instructor
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Attention AP Lit Students and Parents!

Whether you are starting the school year virtually or Face to Face, you will need to join my Classroom and my Remind and make sure to set it up so you receive notifications EVERY TIME there is new material posted.  You will also need to check Classroom daily so you can manage your assignments and stay on top of things. 

AP Lit Class code: egtbyyi 

Once you join, I can issue your parents an invitation to join as well, so they can help you navigate the world of virtual learning.

Remind code: @h36hch7

AP Classroom join codes: (you need to join this as well as my Google Classroom) Go to and enter the correct join code.

First period - W9JV7G

Fourth period - DJW24N

Seventh period - AVR92K

General Overview of the next few weeks:

Week 1 - Join Classroom, review CCSS and CHS protocols and procedures

                Review Course Syllabus and digital notebook

                Learn and play with some digital platforms

Week 2 - Begin Unit 1 - Hero's Journey

                Begin reading Beowulf and Grendel

                Review AP Lit Writing Rubrics

                Review Literary Criticisms/activities

Week 3   Anglo-Saxon poetry and Beowulf

               Continue outside reading

               Begin Hero's Journey inquiry-based project     

                AP Multiple Choice Prose Passage Test #1 (AP Classroom) 









Amanda Thornton

About me:

Education -

Mercer University, BSEd, 1999

Piedmont College, MAT, 2016

I hold certificates in all of the following:

AP Literature and Composition

Middle Grades ELA and Social Studies

Reading K-12

Gifted Education

National STEM Certified

Carroll County E3 Trainer