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To The Seniors of 1960

To the seniors of 1960 . . .
Mr. Caswell

I am happy to write words of thanks to you for the fine spirit you have had during the school year and the wonderful influence you have had on me and all the other faculty members and students here. There are a few more things I would like to say to you, among them are: 

Years come and go swiftly in this life of ours. A few cold days, a few basketball games, a blaze of heat from a blue sky, the trees clothe and unclothe themselves, then the silent snow again and the year has gone. It is well for us if we have some sign, some lifted finger to mark its place on the road of memory.

If this first volume can serve to recall the days gone by when we were so happy together, if it can instill into the hearts of the boys and girls of Central High School a deeper love for our school and show to the public the high ideals for which we stand, it shall have fulfilled the mission on which it was intended.

May I state further that I hope the best in life come your way. The fact that you will not be with us next year doesn't mean that we will forget you. You will always have a warm place in our hearts and shall expect you to discharge honorable all duties and responsibilities that come your way. Remember, as I have told you before, that life isn't always easy but you have to stick to it through thick and thin if you expect to win.


R. R. Caswell, Principal

Mission of Central High School
The mission of Central High School is to provide all students with educational opportunities through a challenging curriculum which meets the needs of a diverse school community.
One Community, One Family, One Pride

Once a Lion, always a Lion

Front drive of the original Central High School campus.
Our Door of Opportunity Opened

At the beginning of our school year 1959, the Superintendent of Carroll county Schools cut the ribbon as he was assisted and backed by County Board members, speakers, Central High Principal and friends.

This was a great moment filled with thrills and chills. We thrilled at the prospect of beginning school in our huge beautiful, new building and we chilled at the problem of amalgamating students from five areas.

The challenge had become a reality and today students, faculty, and parents march forth to a new future. The question was shall we success or shall we fail.

1960 Yearbook Cover
Official ribbon cutting ceremony.

To the undergraduates, who will play a great part in the shaping and building of Central High School, we seniors dedicate this, The Leonine.

It is with great expectations of the undergraduates that we dedicate this annual. You have upheld our efforts and promise to fulfill our dearest dreams for this our beautiful new school. Thank you for encouragement and friendship during the past year.

~ The Leonine Staff, 1960

Trustees and Superintendent