Scobey Thompson
Visual Arts Teacher and Art Club Sponsor
Scobey Thompson
Hello artists and parents! My name is Scobey Thompson and I am from Newnan, GA. I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2018 with a BFA in Art Education. This will be my 2nd year teaching at Central! My specialties are printmaking, drawing, photography, sculpture and ceramics, but I am starting to dip my toes into the digital art world. I love surrealism and any kind of art that will make you do a double take. Art education fascinates me and I am always thinking about new, exciting and innovative ways to teach it!
Social Media

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Art Instagram: @central_lions_art

Art Twitter: @chs_lions_art

When I'm not teaching, I'm creating. Follow my personal art Instagram if you're interested in what I like to do as an artist!


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Google Classroom Codes

1st period (ART I): pz2ykfe

2nd period (ART I): sqbjkfn

3rd period (ART II): ogb6jli

4th period (ART I): bmtz3cl

5th period (ART III): oannyxw (ART IV): 6m22vrj

7th period (ART II): ptefcdw

Remind Codes

1st period (ART I): 7hd772

2nd period (ART I): fhedaad

3rd period (ARTII): artii3rdpe

4th period (ART I): a4263d

5th period (ART III): artiii5th (ART IV):  artiv5

7th period (ART II): artii7thp


Art Club

Art club will be held every other Wednesday after school in the art room (r. 400) starting  SEPTEMBER 22nd!

You will need to pay $25 in dues (costs include a super cool t-shirt and supplies for activities) by September 22nd. A check made out to Central High School or cash will be accepted by Ms. Thompson. By joining, you will be able to participate in art making activities that you might not get to experience in art class, get some service hours through helping out with art related events/community service, and you'll meet other students with the same interests as you. You do not have to be in art class to join Art Club, ALL are welcome!

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