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AP Lang Summer Reading

AP Lang Summer Reading
AP Lang Summer Reading

AP Language and Composition Remind--text @7be3kh to 81010
Summer Assignment 2018 Google Classroom--32i5h
Mrs. Wooten

AP English Language and Composition is a challenging, college-level class that investigates the uses, purposes, and effects of language. If you are enrolled in this class it is because you were recommended by your most current English teacher. If you feel you have been placed in this class by mistake, make a quick trip to the Guidance Office before you leave for summer break. You should know that this is a fast-paced class that requires some work outside the classroom (almost all reading will be done outside of class).

I recommend that you attend the AP Camp that will be held on June 22nd from 9:00-12:45. It will consist of 4 sessions: Note Taking, Time Management, Writing for AP Classes, and AP Skills and Habits of Mind. The sessions are meant to help you be successful in your classes this coming school year.

The summer assignment is due Friday, August 17, 2018. I ask that you sign up for both the Remind texts and Google Classroom using the codes above. I will post an electronic copy of this assignment in Classroom, and I will periodically send you a text reminding you to complete your assignment.


Summer Assignment~~Required Text~~ On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft by Stephen King

This book is divided into four sections: C.V., Toolbox, On Writing, and On Living: A Postscript. Your assignments will, likewise, be divided into four sections. For each assignment below, please include the page numbers for the passages discussed.

Task #1: C.V.
This is a non-fiction text, but it often reads like a novel. To tell his story, King uses literary elements and techniques (i.e. imagery, dialogue, figurative language) which we often associated with fictional pieces. Identify three passages in which King uses such elements/techniques effectively. Explain the elements/techniques he uses and why/how they are effective in accomplishing his purpose.

Task #2: Toolbox
Create a writer's toolbox for yourself. Identify 7 rules of writing that King discusses (include page number) which you think are important or interesting. As you select them, think about your own strengths and weaknesses as a writer. Please number your selections 1-7. Then add an additional 7 rules of writing which you have either practiced or been taught throughout your school career. Example: Don't begin a sentence with "and." In class, we will discuss the merit of these various "rules." You should have 14 rules total. These may be in list form.

Task #3 On Writing
How does King feel about writing? How do you know? Choose three key passages from this section in which King defines writing, either directly or figuratively. (Remember to include page numbers.) In your own words, restate King's point about writing in the passage and why you think this point is interesting or important.

Task #4: On Living: A Postscript
This task does not pertain to just this section of the book.
1. Rather, explain your opinion of King as both a writer and a person. Would you consider reading one of his books now, for example? (If you have read his books prior to this assignment, has your opinion of the author changed? If so, how?)
2. What do you think King's purpose was in writing this book? Support your answers to both prompts with evidence from the text. Turn paper over⟶
Each of your responses for this section need to be at least a paragraph long.
Your work is expected to be neat and done in full. You may type it on a Google Doc and Share it with me the week that it is due. Otherwise, make sure your handwriting is legible.

Your answers are expected to be in complete sentences. On Task #4, your answers should not only answer the questions, but also explain your responses to the prompts.


I will not have enough books for everyone (we have a record number of students taking this class next year). I will give them away on a first come, first serve basis. Some of you may have to share this summer. Feel free to purchase a book if you like. Horton's Bookstore on the square can order one for you, or you can order one from


I hope that you have a wonderful summer. I look forward to seeing you in August. Happy reading.