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Google Drive

Login Screen for
Login Screen for

Here are the instructions to use your Google Drive account.

1. Students that have had no issues with using their accounts can continue with no changes. Students are encouraged to use their school Google email account as a professional email. Applications for college, scholarships, and for employement are just a few professional situations when students will use their Google email account. It is recommended to keep the school account separate from social media.

2. New student accounts will have the initial password as their birthday in 8-digits, "mmddyyyy". The student should change their password once in the system.

3. Students who have an existing account and do not remember their password can request their teacher send a password reset request to . Please include the student's name and lunch number in the email. The password will be reset to and the student is then instructed to create a private password using letters, numbers, and symbols for extra security.

Google Password Reset

Contact the Media Specialist to have your password reset. Teachers are able to email student names and lunch numbers for immediate password resetting during class. Students are welcome to stop in at lunch or between classes to see the Media Specialist.

To access Google Drive

In the URL address line key "" and the login screen will appear. Username is "student" with the individual's lunch number. Example: student12345. The password initial login password is