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Bo Jones Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
American Government, U.S. History


Bachelor of Arts: History                                                                                                                                  
University of West Georgia - Carrollton, Ga

Received credit for over 60 hours of History/ Social studies related classes.
Effective and Efficient Student Teaching Internship.
Had over over a 1,000 hours of combined high school and middle school observation hours.
During my internship I planned and instructed all of my on units.
Challenged and pushed my analytical, critical thinking, public speaking, writing, creativity, and instruction skills to a
professional level.
Maintained a full time job (40 or more hours a week) and was a full time student the entire time I was at West Georgia.

Associate of Science: Technical Specialist
West Georgia Technical College - Carrollton, Ga.

Played Baseball under Head Coach Todd Pratt.
Maintained a full-time job and was a full-time student, except during baseball season when I worked part time.
Recipient of Hope scholarship.
Coursework includes Speech and Communication, Sociology and Psychology.


I have...

  • Over 2,000 hours inside of classroom.
  • Curriculum based Instruction.         
  • Utilized educational theory within my lessons.                               
  • Scored above the national average on edTPA Certification Test.
  • Scored above professional level on both Gace tests.                     
  • Utilized technology based instruction.                                             
  • Utilized Emaze, Animoto, and Prezi.
  • implemented new technologically within lessons whenever possible.                                                
  • Utilized props and costumes as supports to required content.
  • Designed many student-centered lessons.

Other experiences include working in residential construction for five years and working for carroll county and West Georgia Tech Maintenance department for 7 years before I started my teaching career. 



My full name is Robert Stewart Jones "BO." I go by Bo, but students can refer to me as Mr. Jones or Coach Jones. I coach both Baseball and Football, but I only coach baseball at the High school. I coach football at the Middle School. I have a beautiful wife and young Daughter. I enjoy studying both History and Science in my free time, but I also enjoy hunting, fishing, sports, spending time with my family, and of course planning unique and fun lessons for my class! I strive each day to be the best motivator, instructor, conductor, facilitator, and role model for my students. I take the role I have been blessed to have, as a teacher, very seriously. I love creativity in any form, even humor. My class will hopefully feel very fun and energetic, while the students learn way more material and life lessons than just the standards. I strive to make impacts in my students' lives, while also making a huge impact on their future. 

"The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."

~William Arthur Ward