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Subjects Taught
Ag Mechanics Technology, Basic Ag Science & Techology, Horticulture & Plant Science, Plant Science & Biotechnology


For sending reminders regarding homework and other assignments each course has a Remind 101 account. 

To receive these updates text the following message to the number 81010

Ag Mech 1st period - @agmech1a15

Ag Mech 2nd period - @agmech1b15

General Horticulture - @genhort16

Basic Agriculture - @chsbasic

Plant Science and Biotechnology - @chspsb


Students can access course powerpoints and submit assignments via Google Classroom. The Google Classroom is similar to a virtual classroom which is integrated with your student’s Google Classroom accessible through the Carroll County School system.

Throughout the year, some assignments will be located on the Google Classroom so that students may submit assignments electronically and after school hours. At present, information about these types of assignments include SAE details and current events have been uploaded to the classroom. Article summary information is also available as a chance for any student to make up missing or grades below those that are desired.

Before an exam, I plan to have powerpoints uploaded to the Google Classroom to assist students with studying. I will upload them at least two days prior to an exam (these will not be updated daily as some material changes based on students grasping concepts, terms, etc.). Even as these notes will be available online, students should have a pen/pencil and a three ring notebook in class daily. A standard, essential question, and starter, are the first items to be written in the student’s notebook daily and subject to notebook checks periodically throughout the year. If a student is absent, a class notebook is located at the front of the room to receive any missed daily items while not present - this will be an individual student’s responsibility to get this information.

Your student should already be logged in to Google Classroom for their class period. If you have any questions about your student's log-in information, please email me directly.


Other information about SAE hour updates and opportunities in Agriculture can be found at the following sites: