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Erin Smith Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Spanish I, Spanish II


I am a proud high school graduate from right here in Carroll County. I had a wonderful educational experience in the county and hope to return that to my students at Central! After high school I went to the University of Georgia and majored in Foreign Language Education and Spanish. GO DAWGS! 


I have taught at 3 high schools in my 9 year career, but have found my home at Central for the last 5 years. I have also taught on just about every teaching schedule a school can offer. I teach Spanish 1 and 2 honors this year and also sponsor the Spanish Honor Society. 


I like to say that I didn't really "choose" to become a teacher, but rather it chose me. I grew up spending countless hours in my own mother's classroom after school, pretending it was my own. I would play school, had pretend students, and gave pretend assignments. I even pretend disciplined! Teaching is in my blood and I hope all of my students can walk away saying, "she really loves what she does." My ultimate goal is to open these students minds and worlds by exposing them to things they would never otherwise experience. We speak Spanish often and are very active in class. I love what I do!


I have two wonderful children, Greyson (5) who is in pre-k and Emery Kate (3) who is a little fire ball!