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Luminita Proksell Staff Photo
Luminita  Proksell
Special Education
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Subjects Taught
9th Grade Math, Analytic Geometry CCGPS, Coordinate Algebra CCGPS, Math III-Advanced Algebra/Statistics


I obtained a  Bachelor Degree in Mediavial History at University of Cluj, Romainia, Europe, with a minor in Education, I also earned a Bachelor Degree in Education at University oe West Georgia  witha a minor in History. I am certified to teach Middle gardes Reading, Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies, as well as Special Education . I am also certified to teach High school Math all level and Special Education Integreated Curriculum.


I am teaching for 14 years, 12 of each I had the honor to teach in Carroll County. I taught Special Education English, Math at Mount Zion Middle School. For the last 10 years I taught Special education co-teaching English and Social Studies, and recently Math(all level) at Central High School.


I was born in Europe and I moved to US 22 years ago. I am married and I have a daughter in 7th grade at central Middle School in Carrollton, Ga.