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Griffis, Jared Principal
Edwards, Kelly Assistant Principal
Long, Scott Assistant Principal

Bedford, Susan Special Education
Beverly, Liz Foreign Language
Biddle, J. English and Drama
Boldt, Teresa Science
Bowen, Christy Special Education
Cole, Eual Social Studies
Cole, Lyn Math
Conerly, Mitt Social Studies
Cowart, Jeffrey Social Studies
Cowart, Kim 9th Grade Math
Dailey, Brandon Special Education
Dysart, Nikhol CTAE ~ Agriculture
Eidson, Alli Special Education
Fountain, Holly English
Fountain, Jeremiah Special Education
Fowler, Katie Special Education
Hall, Sarah CTAE~Business Education
Hanson, Christine Special Education
Hart, Ashley Science
Harvey, Jasper Special Education
Horsley, Jonathan Science
Huggins, Elissa Special Education Coordinator
Hunter, Marcellus Special Education
Jones, Bo Social Studies
Kaschak, Kasey Special Education
Key, Kristofer Burwell
Kranz, Brian PE
Landon, Cynthia Fine Arts ~ Visual Arts
Lovvorn, Toni Special Education
Lyons, Jane Science
McCain, Kim Special Education
McKenna, David Physical Education
Meunier, Julie Guidance Counselor
Morris, Linda Media Specialist
Murphy, Reed Science
Murphy, Ricky Math
North, Heather Graduation Coach
Pappas, Taylor Science
Perryman, Kaci Special Education
Phillips, Ruthie Fine Arts~Chorus
Pomeroy, Katie Science
Proksell, Luminita Special Education
Quinn, Yana Burwell
Robertson, Heather Science
Rooks, David Social Studies
Ross, Jacklyn Math
Rountree, Tricia Math
Ruby, Neil Fine Arts ~ Band
Sauls, Joshua Math Teacher
Shiver, Wes Athletic Director & PE
Simpson, Donna Guidance Dept./Lead Counselor
Sims, Deion Special Education
Smiley, Darius Head Football Coach/Athletic Director
Smith, Abigail English
Smith, Charles CTAE ~ AFJROTC
Smith, Erin Spanish
Smith, Josh Social Studies
Smith, Monica English
Smith, Rebecca Math
Spayde, Makenzie Special Education
Thomasson, Akilah Director, Burwell
Thornton, Amanda English
Townson, Mike Social Studies
Trumble, Stephanie English
Urquhart, Nathan Special Education
Vance, Brian Math
Vick, Dwayne CTAE~Business Education
Washington, Mike CTAE~AFJROTC
Williams, Marla English
Williford, Laura CTAE~Agriculture
Wooten, Megan English
Zerr-Shepard, Rhea Counselor
Zhorela, Courtney Associate Band Director

Akin, Wanda Media Clerk
Bradley, Eve Paraprofessional
Brawley, Wilma Paraprofessional
Call-Walker, Carole Lunchroom Manaager
Collins, Sheila Paraprofessional
Defriese, Jaffnie Student Services
Dixon, Nancy Guidance Office Secretary
Duffey, Sandy Main Office Secretary
Engel, Diane Paraprofessional
Fischer, Ann Paraprofessional
Fleming, Patrick Technology
Foster, Linda Paraprofessional
Good, Julie Bookkeeper
Hindman, Corinne Communities in Schools Coordinator
Holcomb, Tina Paraprofessional
Jackson, Michele School Social Worker
Jordan, Samantha ISS
McCormick, Tammy Paraprofessional
Parks, Candy Paraprofessional
Rayburn, Ricky School Resource Officer (SRO)
Reid, Annette Paraprofessional
Sadler, Amy Paraprofessional
Sanders, Tiffany Paraprofessional
Startup, Lorie School Nurse
Walker, Michele Paraprofessional
Young, Melinda Paraprofessional