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Central High School Art Club 2014-2015

The Central High School Art Club is open to all students, 
whether or not they are enrolled in an art class.

We are a fun-loving, creative, active group that tackles a number of 
school and community projects throughout the year.

This year's officers are:
Jasmine Johnson 
Alyssa Smallwood
Alana Sasser 

The activities include making posters for each participant in the 
Homecoming Parade, face painting and having a trunk in the CHS 
Trunk or Treat, creating spirit posters for other organizations and teams, 
as well as any community projects we can get our hands on. 

While we are a very hard working group, we do have quite a bit of fun. 
We occasionally work on the weekends for bigger projects such as 
the Homecoming Parade posters, and during these sessions there is 
food, fun, and many memories to be made. We also attend gallery openings 
of artists featured at the Carrollton Cultural Arts Center, which are 
always interesting a great experience for anyone interested in art. 

It's a misconception that you have to consider yourself to be "artistic" to join Art Club. We love having any help we can get, and new members are always welcome.