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Central High School Yearbook - The Leonine

Senior Yearbook Ads

All ads must be purchased and submitted online: school order number: 2305

Go to the Yearbook Ad option to begin creating your child’s senior ad. There is a video tutorial for your convenience.


There is a catalog of templates (layout design choices) available in the online yearbook order center. If you would prefer to design the entire page exactly as you want it (some photographers now offer this service as part of senior picture packages), you can use the template option that allows you to upload an entire ad as a single picture.

Before you begin your ad creation:

Create a folder on your computer or portable memory device (flash drive, memory card)  with all pictures you want for your ad. If you only have printed copies of pictures, you can use a scanner to scan them in, or you can even take a picture of the pictures with a smartphone and upload them to the computer that way.

Not Tech Savvy? Want Some Assistance?

If you would like a one-on-one session with a yearbook staffer, please email Monica Smith or call the school (770-834-3386) to schedule an appointment. We are unable to meet with parents without an appointment.

The deadline for purchasing senior ads is Friday, November 30th.

Ad prices: full page: $240

half page $130

fourth page: $70